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STOP The “Tax Switch” Trick

Polk County officials unanimously passed a referendum supporting a 1% sales tax increase that would make our sales tax rate the highest in the state. Take a moment to learn more about Polk County’s tricky claims and what the proposed sales tax really does.

CLAIM: A “Tax Switch”

The 1% Sales Surtax is a tax switch that will replace property taxes used for transit and road construction. 1


FACT: Higher Taxes

The 1% Sales Surtax will generate an estimated $64 million in tax revenue while only replacing $27.5 million in property taxes – an increase of 128%. 1

CLAIM: A Fairer Tax

This will be a fairer transportation tax system because tourists will also pay for improved roads and transit. 2


FACT: Hurts More People

The county estimates non-residents will only pay 20% of this huge tax hike. Even if we believed their estimates, that leaves us paying almost $29 million in new taxes! 2

CLAIM: Better Quality of Life

More investment in roads and expanded public transportation throughout Polk County will make our lives better. 3


FACT: More Everyday Expenses

Our tax burden will increase by 128%, including a 14% tax hike on everyday purchases, such as household items, clothes, and school supplies. 4

1. The Ledger, 8/9/14 2. Creative Loafing, 1/7/14 3. 4. Polk County Budget Documents Fiscal Year 2014-2015

Any Way You Look At It, The 1% Sales Surtax Is A MASSIVE Tax Hike – Not A “Tax Switch.”

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